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How to Write a Book Report

When the students heard about book report writing usually they come to a panic. It is not because of the lots of reading which may take sufficient time. But, what is the worst; they have to write something about what they have read and it isn't just a plot retelling. They have following strict advices and orders to produce something that will satisfy the supervisor. So to minimize the difficulties with the writing of a good book report we propose you some useful tips which will help you to successfully cope with this task.

Book Report writing tips:

A simple word combination "book report" has been frightening almost any student and it was seemed to be something extremely hard and incomprehensible. But this text is intended for helping you. Read this guide which will make your book report writing more easily and quicker.

So, the first point is…

Get Everything About the Reported Book

The biggest mistake which is made by students' majority is that they don't pay enough attention to book reading. They get a task and leave everything for last few days or even a single day. They do everything except reading itself. We have to make you upset: it is impossible to write a good book report without book reading. So don't be lazy and devote attention to this point.

If you have a possibility to choose a book for future report writing you would have a great chance to select the most suitable book for yourself. Discuss this situation with your supervisor, because all report writing depends on correct selection. We want to propose some useful advices of how to choose a proper book:

Read and Write Annotations

You have already chosen a book for your report writing? Good. Now it's high time to deep in to the reading. To have good and thoughtful reading you probably want to allocate some time for yourself. So, don't leave your reading for the better times and begin it as earlier as possible. From our side we can give you a couple of advices how to make your reading easier and more efficient.

Marking down

Notation is the key component of any reading (if you really want to make it helpful). While you making your notes you remember everything twice better and can recollect everything quicker. Note any key points, events, character descriptions and so on. If you are a book owner you can make it wherever you want, but don't abuse with it. If the book isn't yours don't make it in any case.

Set up some kind of a diary where you can write down all interesting observations and problem points you want to study later.

It would be useful to mark numbers of pages which contain interesting points.

If you are going to rely on your good memory we won't advice you do this. Memory is the thing that can let you down at the most inopportune moment. You have to remember a book plot and have to write a good book report. So don't load yourself with additional and useless activity.

Book Report Outlining

After you have finished your book reading it is a right time to set to notes ranging. According to the book' volume you might divide your notes into useful and useless categories and then decide which of them are worthy of being left.

All your further work will depends on type of a book you have. Let's investigate two cases.

A. You have a fictional book. Then the points will be:

B. Nonfictional book:

Book Report' Essential Parts

Now, when you have already finished an outlining process next step is to get down to the rough copy writing. Here you can include all your thoughts and then arrange them.


This part is like a prelude to your work. You should give all necessary information and attract reader's attention to your work. It should include the next points:


This part should be the biggest and the most meaningful one. Here you need to present to the audience information about the book and piece of your own ideas about the reported work. You can make it from 2 till 4 passages. Depending on book' genre belonging you will use peculiar key points for discussion.

So, if you have a fictional type "your" body should include the next points:

If you have a nonfictional book then:

When you finish your book description you should get down to your own impressions describing. Indicate all positive and negative points (on your opinion, of course), what impressed you and what didn't make any effect on your perception. Give a description about the things which have any relation to characters. You need to include everything you want to tell to a potential book audience.


Here, in this section, you need to summarize everything you had done before. Revise you initial ideas and elaborate your work. When you are in writing process it might happen that you change your ideas or attitude according to some points. So make sure that everything is in a order and your final conclusions coincide with the older ones. Think over about book influence on readers and about the author's status being a writer.

We want also to remind you about different types of reports which depend on science you are going to write a book report from. To be sure discuss everything with your supervisor. Here we want to describe two other book report types which might become your writing task.

Personal characterization

If you got such type of a book report you have to concentrate on main personage describing. You should investigate the following:

The other type of report is subject studying – you choose some topic inside the book and follow its development through the book. The key points are:

Now you have the first rough copy of your book report and it is obvious you want to return to it and make some changes, because you probably need to have almost ideal book report – without omissions, mistakes and well – structured one. You need to check the way of spelling and look for any grammar errors. If you find out something is wrong don't think and correct everything even if it would demand rewriting of some piece of your work. Check for coincidence of your statement with the body information and conclusion arguments. It's always useful to ask someone for help. Your friends or colleagues can divide your work and check it for any mistakes.

You will be surprised of that information you got in process of book report writing. You will read a new book, get to know a lot about the author, the key events and background of them. You will learn more about analysis and notes making. Something that seemed to be difficult and incomprehensible can transform into pleasure and interesting activity. Possibly you will be the one who will give an advice for someone who are in book report writing.

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