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Types of Coursework

The following review of the possible types of coursework's can help you better understand what kinds of papers you can get from our coursework writing service:


The purpose of a presentation is present information for the public. A presentation should show and explain a certain topic to the audience or to the learners. The grade for the presentation consists of two parts: writing style and effectiveness of the presentation itself. Each presentation includes necessary elements. They are the content (it includes the use of proper sources, relevance and compliance with the required level), structure (comprehension, style, selection of ideas), communication (the ability of the presentation to hook the reader's attention, students' interaction, and even self-assessment and feedback) and organization of the presentation (timing, the lack of distracting mannerisms, the clarity of speech and teaching methods).


Essay is the simplest form of the coursework and should consist of introduction, main body and conclusion. The purpose of the essay is to provide answers to the questions selected either by the student or provided by the lecturer. Essay introduction should include basic goals, problems and questions mentioned in the essay; also, introduction often describes the structure of the paper. The body of the essay should contain facts, arguments and illustrations supporting essay thesis. A good essay also includes analysis of different viewpoints and opinions on the topic. Conclusion of the essay usually contains overview of the findings and discussion of unresolved questions and problems.


A coursework in the form of a review can be defined as a critical discussion of an article, book or exhibition, film or a program. Reviews may include a brief synopsis, usually between 50 and 100 words. A review should provide synthesis of main sources, discuss main standpoints of key topics and provide a new perspective on the ideas, objectives and similar works related to the topic of the review.


Coursework in the form of interview is aimed at showing the opinion of a person or a group of people on a certain topic. The main stage of interview essay is preparatory phase when the student decides what questions should be asked, develops a list of possible discussion topics and prepares an outline of the conversation. The student should be able to explain how and why he or she chose the interview, the selection of questions and the criteria for the evaluation of the answers. It is appreciated if a student makes links to relevant learning materials. The grade for the interview coursework also depends on the organization of the interview and its coherence.

Autobiographical writing

Autobiographical essays are often required for college and scholarship applications. An autobiographical essay should describe the author's personality, character and experience. Important qualities for grading an autobiographical writing are the ability of the student to assess life events critically and to adhere with the chosen topic or question.

Evaluations, process logs and journals

These types of coursework's may content a kind of timetable of how the student developed certain ideas and performed certain activities, including various aspects the student took into consideration. Evaluations, process logs and journals should also contain critical overview of strengths and weaknesses of the student, analysis of individual progress and plans for future development. These types of coursework's should also have a relation to learning concepts and appropriate sources.


The purpose of a report is to present information, and not an argument, as it is in case of an essay. There are different types of reports related to campaigns, visits, conferences etc. Special types of reports are business reports and reports describing student activity of the workplace. A report should be divided numbered heading and sub-headings, and should be easy to scan through. A typical report structure should include title of contents, executive summary (abstract), introduction, body, conclusion, recommendations and reference list.

Executive summaries

Executive summary is the first part of an in-depth report or a business plan which the readers have to face. Executive summaries can be provided not only for the reports but also for the case studies, proposals and other documents. Executive summary might contain key statements and recommendations. It requires using a concise layout, clear statement of purpose and should list the main points of the document. The length of executive summary must not exceed 10 per cent of the original document.

And other forms of coursework.

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