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Types of Case Studies

An important specific aspect in writing a case study is the type of case study. They differ from each other and depend on the aims or / and the investigator's objectives.

Critical Instance Case Study

The purpose of this type of case study is to answer cause and effect questions. This type of case studies examines several literature sources in order to discuss the situation and analyze the factors involved in the case as well as their causal relationships. Such case study can even challenge a universal or general assertion.

Cumulative Case Study

The aim of the cumulative case study is to aggregate information from several sources of information in different time periods. Analysis of dynamics of the situation is the main idea of these types of case studies.

Illustrative Case Study

This type is preliminary a descriptive one. Traditionally, these case studies use one-two instances of the situation in order to illustrate the considered event. This type of study is used to make unfamiliar issues familiar.

Exploratory (Pilot) Case Study

These case studies are based on helping to identify questions and choosing kinds of measurement prior to basic investigation. Exploratory case study can be rather brief, and takes place before implementing an investigation scale. However, the pitfall of the exploratory case study is that some findings might lack argument to be released as conclusions.

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